Epic gamer moments in Rainbow Six Siege

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Toxic moments that are truly EPIC in Rainbow Six Siege.
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  • At 0:45 it said carrier denied and the defuser was down lol #Bugisoft

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  • One of the, sounded like faze kay

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  • 3:45 the is wierd

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  • I know this was posted a year ago... but when he said kobe... I started thinking about his death :(

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  • would love to see how good you are aganist real pro players :) . just for fun....

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    • He isn't a pro player and plus he plays for fun

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  • 1:00 is that perry the Platypus?

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  • EPIC

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  • 0:48 y'all realize that that was his last bullet as well?

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  • 2019 ? Oktober?

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  • 3:19 the guys name

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    • Oh noooooo. i didn´t saw it at the first time i saw it just when you mentioned it here :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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  • 1:07 I lost my shit xD I was crying

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  • 3:20 they all die from "happyhitlor" lmao

  • 6:40 bikini says pussy in Swedish😂😂

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  • 0:16 "well this is ez" marley fucking aces

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  • First few mins, which map?

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  • i

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  • 1:16 Patrick’s fake mom laughing

  • 6:42 Solid Swedish word right there

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  • in the middle of this video i had to pause it cause i saw a spider and then i killed it and then i finished the video.

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  • He aced with the shittiest pistol in Siege I’m fucking done

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  • Rip old Hereford base

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  • Ace it with every character in rainbow six siege

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  • I think I got killed by him at 1:36

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