I am the ultimate player in Rainbow Six Siege

2020.márc. 7.
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They say I'm the best player in Rainbow Six Siege, it's not true. I'm just a waffler having some fun. The one taps, wallbangs, aces and clutches are all luck! But let's hope for some more in Operation Void Edge :)
Oh, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for 2 MILLION subscribers!!! That is truly insane and I appreciate all of you so much.
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  • Can't believe we reached 2 million subs gamers, doesn't feel real. Super excited for the future, let's keep growing our little community of wafflers

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    • 1:46

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    • 3mil*

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    • @Smeggy Bean I said that when he had 2.99 million subscribers

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    • jaymac779 PlayStation kid he did

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    • Your about to get 3 million

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  • I'll 1v1 with juan mate RN no balls.

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  • #baldcustard for the boys

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  • That is crazy

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  • In 7 months he went from 2 to 3 million wafflers 🥳

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  • Who is watching in October 26 2020

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  • Im trying To hit 10 subs

  • 20:58 "ah"

  • Re watching this video it's crazy how fast u grow

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  • #baldcusterd

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  • Hi Marley I'm a big fan of you

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  • #BALDCUSTARD!!!!!!!!

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  • 3 mil gang now 😂😂

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  • At 0:45 I miss that map

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  • #Baldcusterd

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  • Buck Primary Black ice from Ubi for the 3 mill Mark? Btw Congrats on 3 mill

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  • More like the eight divines

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  • Marley= vibez

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  • #baldcusturd

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  • He secretly likes clash

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  • You have to say Kobe when it is gonna crash now:(

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  • Just bought ya merch

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  • Whats the outro song

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  • #baldcustarc

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  • 3,000,000 subs Obisoft : ok let's see ok have this black ice

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  • And he hit that 3 mil

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  • I would like to be the second #baldcustard

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  • 🤣

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  • I'm level 89 Plat 2

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  • Someone please tell me the outro song

    Joe MamaJoe Mama14 napja
  • CEO of taking beans

  • Bruh I always watch his videos and when I see them it gives me confidence to win all my matches but I still lose because his aim is so good

    Blank SZNBlank SZN14 napja
  • I love how you do good in your vids but in like in custards vid you suck and they good like what

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  • 7 months later he got 3 mil

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  • 1:46

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  • H

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  • nice, 3 mill.

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  • I just watched an add about who flicking designs water like bitch what

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  • #Marley

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  • I’m sorry to ruin this, but why are the bullets in the thumbnail backwards?

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  • What's that track map

    My toe hurts on XboxMy toe hurts on Xbox16 napja
  • Happy 3 million Marley

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  • Give me ur alt acc

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  • 12:12 *_Logan Paul noises intensifies_*

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  • I don't care how late I am. #baldcustard

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  • Who else is watching this at 3.01m subs

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  • "aiming high for that 3 million mark. That just doesn't even sound real." Well guess what.

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    • Haha

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  • 12:10 Jake Paul takes notes

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  • Uhhh, the rounds in the revolver in the thumbnail are backwards :/

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  • 8:22 when the wifi shuts off during ranked 12:12 Logan Paul I want to add 2 things #baldcustard And #custardace

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  • 4:43 1890 5 1/4 spins

    Ninja JonnymanNinja Jonnyman19 napja
  • 29:27 if i was the zofia i would’ve actually shit myself

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  • No mate three mill wafflers

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  • Just here rewatching old marley videos, forgot to add my #BaldCustard comment lol love you marley !

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  • What’s the outro song?

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  • just got mp5 black ice

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  • OP

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  • ‘By the nine divines’ custard believes in talos... he’s a stormcloak!

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  • 30:13 outro music?

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  • Next year were gonna see#baldcustard

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  • I want to see #baldcustard😂

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  • Marley is the granade master and the one tap master

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  • Wtf he has 3 million now damnnnn

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  • 12:11 HOLY SHIT

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  • Look mate, I’m here for nasty little beans. This channel delivers. Enough said.

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  • 3 mill pog

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  • 1 milion subs in 8 months? IMPOSSIBLE

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  • Well Marley, we just Hit 3Mil bout 4-3 days ago :D ❤️ ❤️

  • Watching this video again. 3 MILLION!

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  • He got 3 mill

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  • me at 19 subs :(

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  • I want to congratulate Marley for 3m

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  • 3mil gang

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  • Wrf

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  • Marley: thanks for 2 mil guys! Me: *looking back on this video* Me: MARLEY HOW ARE YOU ALREADY AT 3M

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  • Sorry how many subs are you trying to hit?

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  • Damn 1million subs in 6 months congrats bro

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  • You know i have the glitch where the opponent is shooting

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  • I'm watching at 2.99 million subs

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  • hi

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  • Haha 2 million bouta be 3

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  • 1:30 uses the same clip every 3 videos

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  • marley at 2.99 mil

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  • That Kobe hit different tho🙏🏽

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  • He has 2.99 million right know

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  • 2.99 MILL

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  • watching this while marley is on 2.99 million 🤩

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  • 1:43 😂 where is that from bro

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  • Where's that 3million at?

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  • 6 months and almost to 3 million lets go marley

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  • 3 ml.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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