I can't stop playing Rainbow Six Siege...

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Rainbow Six Siege is the only game I can't stop playing. Whether that's a good or bad thing, I'm not sure... But it means you guys get to keep seeing these funny moments!
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    MarleyMarley11 hónapja
    • You should make a video on consle so we cqn see how good you arr for real

      nadeya albadrynadeya albadry27 napja
    • He wanted to place his maestro cam outside and then reinforce it when he got back in probs

      FadingFading4 hónapja
    • Mandem

      Mircea-Teodor MorariuMircea-Teodor Morariu6 hónapja
    • Marley's just 2 gud

      DyizeDyize8 hónapja

      RavenWaffleRavenWaffle10 hónapja
  • FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR THE OUTRO SONG, ITS “Back in the days” by “Mai Ligne”

    MixzMixz17 órája
  • Hi

    Edison BuddEdison Budd11 napja
  • 5:06 This boi tried to grab a drink from the vending machine.

    Albert LuAlbert Lu15 napja
  • what song is at 1.11 ?

    Meor MegamindMeor Megamind15 napja
  • Whoops thought it said 10 minutes ago not 10 months ago lol

    Abdulrahman ElsharoudAbdulrahman Elsharoud24 napja
  • someone tell, me wtf custard was singing to at 7:40 because i know ive heard something similar to that and cant for the life of me figure it out

    RoccetPilotRoccetPilot26 napja
  • What's the outro song?

  • I just get board at 1 month

    Nyxoyz BruhNyxoyz BruhHónapja
  • The person who got baited should’ve planted

  • No one: Custard: 3:51

    Aidan LoughreyAidan LoughreyHónapja
  • Me to

    Jdyn FieldsJdyn FieldsHónapja
  • I wish you and me can play ps4 together so we can win a ranked match together

    Jdyn FieldsJdyn FieldsHónapja
  • The howdy bitch had me dead

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa ZoroHónapja
  • We love to hear music from Mario cart for the wii, can’t go wrong with that!!

    That GAMER Is GAMINGThat GAMER Is GAMING2 hónapja
  • K

    Dinonuggie FyDinonuggie Fy2 hónapja
  • Marley can you do a face reveal at 3m subs

    Lucas GonzalezLucas Gonzalez2 hónapja
  • 00:50 Lol that “1” in “killed” 😂

    x CrusaderOfHopex CrusaderOfHope2 hónapja
  • You left the rust bow drawing sound in with the headshot at 9:55

    Atomia GamesAtomia Games2 hónapja
  • Whens face reveal

    MoonlightMoonlight2 hónapja
  • This has never been in my recommend

    Juicy_bouJuicy_bou3 hónapja
  • 2:51 *Jaun*

    8ft Tall Black Man8ft Tall Black Man3 hónapja
  • Love the videos Marley

    Will MurrayWill Murray3 hónapja
  • Every video has at least one time we’re it says “A cave. DIAMONDS!”

    Grumpy Dude SonGrumpy Dude Son3 hónapja
  • Idk what’s more impressive, your one taps or the fact that I’ve been shitting for this whole video

    Rfoley 19Rfoley 193 hónapja
  • the editor spelt juan wrong. how dare he

    -Faizon--Faizon-4 hónapja
  • whats the outro music called? i really like it.

    Colton KeeneColton Keene4 hónapja
  • I have a love hate relationship with your music because it means the end of the video but it sounds amazing❤️❤️

    Brendan UnderwoodBrendan Underwood4 hónapja
  • i’ll buy u waffels if u respond

    axE MoochieaxE Moochie4 hónapja
  • 2:53 😩🙏 J A U N?

    BredanatorBredanator4 hónapja
  • i swear ive either seen some of these clips or they are really similar to others

    notmrtreenotmrtree4 hónapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/nrCayp_Nfo_OeIQ

    YaTuSabes_BYaTuSabes_B4 hónapja
  • How is your aim so good

    arrundownarrundown4 hónapja
  • 1:13 my phone fell right on to my face exactly when it dated oof

    JaCate WanjaJaCate Wanja4 hónapja
  • How many hours do you have??😂 I’m guessing I’m the 7-10k hours

    AustinGamesTVAustinGamesTV4 hónapja
  • I thought he was bought to say your a custard

    Jonathon CaissieJonathon Caissie4 hónapja
  • Do you have a Snapchat?

    Big Mac GrantBig Mac Grant4 hónapja
  • why you spell juan like jaun

    CRG JuanCRG Juan4 hónapja
  • What is the outro song???

    Jonah ZuckerJonah Zucker5 hónapja
  • The video is 6 month old but i still love to see it!

    LowYLowY5 hónapja
  • How come Marley plays with slow people and I get fucking sweats

    loocasloocas5 hónapja
  • What is the name of the subscribe song, I really like it

    xXProPlayerXx 777xXProPlayerXx 7775 hónapja
  • Mate your vids are class I can’t stop watching them in quarantine

    Harley 1234Harley 12345 hónapja
  • hey that’s me

    Juan LopezJuan Lopez5 hónapja
  • Yes

    Evan MckernanEvan Mckernan5 hónapja
  • Why does he only play casual

    Jose AlfaroJose Alfaro5 hónapja
  • 5:22 is that the Rust headshot sound?

    TheLockedKeyTheLockedKey5 hónapja
  • 0:03 Ewan McGregor ? Is that you ?

    I-likemoviesI-likemovies5 hónapja
  • i Respect the rust headshot sound

    Nathan RussellNathan Russell5 hónapja

    Giacomo ValerianiGiacomo Valeriani6 hónapja
  • Whats the Outro song?

    Jeremiah CaraballoJeremiah Caraballo6 hónapja
  • 7:04 Marley headshoted him

    Louis HJLouis HJ6 hónapja
    • There is no one shot headshot or damage multiplier for pellet shotguns

      Carl the consumerCarl the consumer4 hónapja
  • 1 like = 1 prayer for anybody going up against Marley and Juan 🙏🙏

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name6 hónapja
  • I’ve gotten team killed over re enforce walls so many times

    GG KyleGG Kyle6 hónapja
  • I really love the background Mario Galaxy music

    Troller 2205Troller 22056 hónapja
  • m a t e I ‘ m t o o w i d e

    Smol GooseSmol Goose6 hónapja
  • Custard has become the big smoke of siege

    Michael ArvinoMichael Arvino6 hónapja
  • real talk marley...dont you get paid to play ranbow? aint that the whole reason you play it in general?

    AlastorTheRadioDemonAlastorTheRadioDemon6 hónapja
  • Song: back in the days by Mai Ligne

    ToasterToaster6 hónapja
  • Dude the outro music is top tier

    sp!cy n00dlessp!cy n00dles6 hónapja
  • Mandem

    Mircea-Teodor MorariuMircea-Teodor Morariu6 hónapja
  • Haha, der deutsche 😂 "You Skared se schit aut off mi" 😂😂😂

    lksslrlksslr6 hónapja
  • Marley good at wallbangs Dom good at dying Custard good at yelling in discord

    Molly KelseyMolly Kelsey6 hónapja
  • Bruh what's this outro song😩

    chilliin exechilliin exe6 hónapja
  • i love to see that

    Finn SchefferFinn Scheffer6 hónapja
  • You use so many different game sounds in your videos for headshots lmao

    Cody ChuCody Chu7 hónapja
  • anyone else realize that he spelled Juan Jaun

    Kyle VincentKyle Vincent7 hónapja
  • MARLEY PLAY GOLDEN GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PhenomiquePhenomique7 hónapja

    YesImFreDYesImFreD7 hónapja
  • That team kill was me like a couple hours ago lmao 😂

    Harry EltonHarry Elton7 hónapja

    clutch _ghost Maciasclutch _ghost Macias7 hónapja
  • You should go Check out that wizing lol

    George ChatziadamGeorge Chatziadam7 hónapja
  • you spelled juan wrong it is not jaun you are not loyal to juan

    Ale OwensAle Owens7 hónapja
  • Cav the chav

    That MellowThat Mellow7 hónapja
  • Swear Marley has 50/20 Vision and 60/20 hearing

    sam pitchfordsam pitchford7 hónapja
  • Marley: don’t team kill that’s childish Also Marley: Team kills for the ace and/ or team kills for his entertainment

    XDBOIZ MontagesXDBOIZ Montages7 hónapja
  • Custard: _Desperately trying to get back in and not die_ Marley: oh no you are detected by enemy youre gonna die Custard: LET ME IN I WILL TK Marley: *ITS ALRIGHT MATE I GOT BARBED WIRE*

    NayanNayan7 hónapja
  • I followed u and Dom on twitch and subbed

    Liam playsLiam plays7 hónapja
  • I'm getting so much better at siege I never thought I'd be where I am rn

    Art With LunaArt With Luna7 hónapja
  • 8:22 do all germans sound like that when them think they have a normal englisch like accent

    Toxic Mains CommunityToxic Mains Community7 hónapja
  • My FIRST alpha pack was legendary

    Landon LahayeLandon Lahaye7 hónapja
  • 5:34 Marley turns into gru

    Kemauri BlaylockKemauri Blaylock7 hónapja
  • Does anyone know the song at 2:54

    KingKing8 hónapja
  • Btw your nuts

    Jaime DeLaRosaJaime DeLaRosa8 hónapja
  • You and my cousin got me in to rainbow u know it we like to see it

    Jaime DeLaRosaJaime DeLaRosa8 hónapja
  • Dom said there is a clash in that room the editer from marley spells castle 😂

    Mystic_TwinsMystic_Twins8 hónapja
  • Thats not how you spell Juan

    Gonçalo MartinsGonçalo Martins8 hónapja
  • Marley: I’m too wide Gridlock: I’m finna end this man’s whole career.

    Awesomegumball14 R6Awesomegumball14 R68 hónapja
  • Nobody Custard: gonna beat some random kids

    QuiemxQuiemx8 hónapja
  • 10:10 they're *

    The Chill CookieThe Chill Cookie8 hónapja
  • whats the outro song

    ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
  • “I can’t stop playing Rainbow Six Siege” Me: *but aren’t all of your videos now Rainbow Six Siege only?*

    Big BoieBig Boie8 hónapja
  • Outro song pleeeeaase

    bishopbishop8 hónapja
    • @bishop odd

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
    • @ManQTE lmao its the exact same, look mine up

      bishopbishop8 hónapja
    • @bishop huworld.info/flow/vide/lq57tH-jq7fTfW8

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
    • @ManQTE back in the days mai ligne I found it and cant stop listening to it

      bishopbishop8 hónapja
    • mate i am looking for it too. i hope you find it and if you do please tell me.

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
  • Yo, if you play a round with me at some point. I will Subscribe, turn on the bell icon, and leave a comment on the next 20 videos lol bless me with your warrior spirit 😂

    Daniel DinklbergDaniel Dinklberg8 hónapja
  • what’s the song’s name at the end of the video?

    xMxsttckxMxsttck8 hónapja
    • @xMxsttck huworld.info/flow/vide/lq57tH-jq7fTfW8 ur welcome

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
    • im looking for that a long time

      xMxsttckxMxsttck8 hónapja
  • I need the outro song mate

    nutznutz8 hónapja
    • huworld.info/flow/vide/lq57tH-jq7fTfW8 ur welcome

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
  • Is Marley hacking

    Billy WhiteBilly White9 hónapja
  • What’s wrong with the Irish charm? The ira will come after you Marley /s

    D PD P9 hónapja
  • Im honestly fucking pissed off! Let me tell you a little story... It all happened... Today. It was just a normal day in rainbow six siege. When everything became depressing. My friend bought Rainbow Six Siege and everything wad fine right? WRONG! You see im level 135 and i got 1 black ice on my account. Now you are probably congratulating me right now. YOU SHOULD BE PISSED TO RIGHT FUCKING NOW! MY FRIEND THE FIRST ALPHA PACK HE GOT WAS FUCKING BLACK ICE AND YET HE IS LVL 5 NOW LOOK AT ME LVL 135 AND GOT 1 BLACK ICE AND SPENT 838 HOURS ON THIS FUCKING GAME... So please ubi i have been good all year... I deserv MP5 black ice thanks for reading! Fuck my life...

    KlemenixKlemenix9 hónapja
    • @ManQTE the fuck do you mean no you don't i mean you dont have to believe me but this was true and i was pissed but i got another black ice for nokk and smoke the gun don't know whats called

      KlemenixKlemenix8 hónapja
    • no you dont

      ManQTEManQTE8 hónapja
  • I’m addicted to rainbow but the real problem is im booty at it

    Connor McCrearyConnor McCreary9 hónapja