If I get black ice, the video ends

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Rainbow Six Siege alpha pack opening, but if i get a black ice skin, the video ends...
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  • you hate to see it big pack opening vid coming this month, so there's something we can love to see

    MarleyMarley10 hónapja
    • Love to see it

    • It's actually funny to see that marley keeps getting duplicates of black ice, and the pistols, while coconut brah can get two in a row XD

      Addison, a gamerAddison, a gamer2 hónapja
    • F

      Danny BDanny B2 hónapja
    • We love to see it

      Antoine UnderwoodAntoine Underwood2 hónapja
    • F in the chat for the fallen soldier

      Darren OliverosDarren Oliveros2 hónapja
  • I opened 4 packs and got a ump black ice and I’m lvl 20

    FLY.FLY.9 napja
  • Ah finally a never ending Marley video

    SpectralEchoSpectralEcho11 napja
  • 4 velvet shells .d

    ErenkbErenkb13 napja
  • I wish i had all ops

    Brooklyn t guyBrooklyn t guy13 napja
  • Nooooo

    Sky_CapSky_Cap15 napja
  • I got 417, then the AUG right after it, I have revolver and 417

    Cuzziy R6Cuzziy R617 napja
  • Wow you got a duplicate and dom stated laughing

    Miss NakitaMiss Nakita22 napja
  • One of my first packs was a black ice pistol for iq is my luck good

    A Mysterious Gamer ApproachesA Mysterious Gamer Approaches23 napja
  • 3:48 me having 417 black ice 🤧😔

    Guy does Random thingsGuy does Random things29 napja
  • Dom: its gonna take 4 hours The video: 4 MINUTES?

  • thats sad I wow

    Turner PetrusichTurner PetrusichHónapja
  • Me 9 months later and the exact same happened to me with 417 Black Ice

  • my friend got it like 2 times in one day somehow

    Spy ninja bestSpy ninja bestHónapja
  • The first alpha pack I ever opened was a black ice mp7

  • Part 2 would basically be a 3 mil special

    Seton NguyenSeton NguyenHónapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/p4N7z43Jq9eXims yo i got a yt channel that is pretty good. my newest video is up above. shoutout me marley and ill give u a chocolate coin, thx.

  • *If I get an ace the video ends...* Streaming by Lt Custard End time: Never

  • So I'm guessing you didn't get a black ice for a while

    memeb0i321 Sanchezmemeb0i321 SanchezHónapja
  • When the ad at the end was longer than the video

    Scrotum ButterScrotum ButterHónapja
  • Well, you summoned it.

  • You got the 1 second

    Luke KarpanyLuke KarpanyHónapja
  • *Cough* 417 *cough*

    Team_ GachaWolvesTeam_ GachaWolvesHónapja

    Caleb Jay GibsonCaleb Jay GibsonHónapja
  • Def got a black ice

    JusCoolin MfJusCoolin MfHónapja
  • 5 second video

    ExT_ ZuluExT_ ZuluHónapja
  • I got the same gold outfit :)

    Just GamerJust GamerHónapja
  • I thought this video will last longer

    Hi Im BirdHi Im BirdHónapja
  • I am level 140 and I have no black ice ;-;

    leo gamerleo gamerHónapja
    • i started yesterday and i got it first try

      Rare OriginsRare OriginsHónapja
  • at lease you GOT one. i've been wanting the 417 black ice for a while now

  • Have black ice on p90

    sosos man the sos creaturesosos man the sos creatureHónapja
  • I want to know the feeling mutually to open 200 alpha packs one after another. I require it, it’s pain to not be able to feel it.

    TOXIN18 Gaming & AirsoftTOXIN18 Gaming & AirsoftHónapja
  • Hey hey guess what I got a p90 black ice on my first ever opened pack when I just started

    De Ugly DucklingDe Ugly DucklingHónapja
  • It's not 10 min so I already know he defo gets it

    Luke CollyLuke CollyHónapja
  • I only have black ice for the ak 12 and I got it during white noise

    PhD FlopperPhD FlopperHónapja
  • So my first EVER black ice was the CAMRS. 2nd ever? 417 Don't hate on my DMR's my dude. I got my first ever Ace on Twitch with that 417. I treasure it :3

    Trilaina BloodwindTrilaina BloodwindHónapja
  • Говори по русский, пожалуйста 😁

    Sans GasterSans GasterHónapja
  • The video length says it all

    Xtc LilMopXtc LilMopHónapja
  • 4:01 no problem

    Tormented ClanTormented ClanHónapja
  • It’s gonna be four hours long, try four minutes

    Billy JohnsonBilly JohnsonHónapja
  • I love the sound of failure

    _-_ILikeVR_- __-_ILikeVR_- _Hónapja
  • Bruhhhh

    Ivan AlvaradoIvan AlvaradoHónapja
  • Yup

    Red CookieRed CookieHónapja
  • The video was actually 5 hours long

    Bread ManBread ManHónapja
  • My favorite part was when he played rainbow six siege

  • 2:43 ... ads

  • I’m surprised the video ended

    MDBriga 13MDBriga 13Hónapja
  • I expected this video to not end 😂

    Furious GamingFurious GamingHónapja
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    subscribe to pewdiepie _plissubscribe to pewdiepie _plisHónapja
  • *me* I subbed on PS4 and tablet *marley* we love to see it

    Leland-does- GachaLeland-does- GachaHónapja
  • im new to r6 and my like third pak was a black ice... primary for smoke ar

    One Green Doughnut BoiOne Green Doughnut BoiHónapja
  • You know what’s funny the very first alpha pack I opened I got black ice mp5

  • I love how happy Dom is for you to get a 417 black ice, you literally called it

    Crafter BloxCrafter BloxHónapja
  • Wait the black ice skin is rare?

    15990006 Christopher Jonathan Setiawan15990006 Christopher Jonathan SetiawanHónapja
  • If there were no black ices then this video wouldn’t even have ended yet

    Someone- -RedSomeone- -RedHónapja
  • I was expecting a 2 hour long vid

    VigilVigil2 hónapja

    kiwiikiwii2 hónapja
  • i got black ice on my first pack

    Darren HusseyDarren Hussey2 hónapja
  • If somemidiot is scrolling through the comments because they don't know when he gets the black ice I'm sorry for you

    Toasted ChurroToasted Churro2 hónapja
  • Do another pack opening please

    TC NPIFANI25TC NPIFANI252 hónapja
  • E

    Clash with da boisClash with da bois2 hónapja
  • I actually got Fuze's AK-12 black ice as my first black ice. I main fuze. What are the chances.

    Jacob BauJacob Bau2 hónapja
  • imagine if the video was just a livestream and he never got one

    xShxdowxShxdow2 hónapja
  • "If i get a black ice i will end the vid" me who has play two years and doesn't have a black ice ;-;

    NRcamperNRcamper2 hónapja
    • I remember being lvl 70 and getting G36C then I got around lvl 130 and finally got my second black ice...can you guess what it was...no not G36C...IT WAS A FREAKING PISTOL

      CharlesCharles11 napja
    • @NRcamper one of my first packs was a iq pistol black ice I’m so happy my luck is unreal that I got a decent black ice

      A Mysterious Gamer ApproachesA Mysterious Gamer Approaches23 napja
    • its ok bro i been playing since red crow on ps4 and before dlc ops came out on xbox and my first black ice on ps4 was 4 months ago

      Quentin FerreeQuentin FerreeHónapja
    • Me who's played for only 8 months and has 2 black ices,:) I feel bad for you

      Kitchonxbox /Henry StickminKitchonxbox /Henry StickminHónapja
  • When I saw the flashback thing, I knew it was over

    Nate HNate H2 hónapja
  • panel.astrostress.com/affiliate.php?id=22775

    Coo TooCoo Too2 hónapja
  • The infinite vid

    I am YashasviI am Yashasvi2 hónapja
  • I want custard ace

    12legoman1 212legoman1 22 hónapja
  • the length of this vid makes me mad

    JustinJustin2 hónapja
  • ): this video made me sad because i wanted mor pack open

    The RangerThe Ranger2 hónapja
  • Every1 skips to the end to see what he gets!! Ahahha

    Nathan NashNathan Nash2 hónapja
  • How does he get so many packs?

    Boink DoinkBoink Doink2 hónapja
  • What's going on guys

    Callme K41Callme K412 hónapja
  • When will the next alpha pack opening be I have been waiting ages and you love to see it when you get black ice

    Hazza Gaming678Hazza Gaming6782 hónapja
    • I got 4 in a row

      NoxnNoxn2 hónapja
  • Yesterday I pulled 416-c Carbine Black ice

    Karatchi XBLKaratchi XBL2 hónapja
  • When you only have one black ice and you have 285 alfa packs and the first black ice is duplicate

    Healer GRHealer GR2 hónapja
  • not to flex but i got my first black ice on my second alpha pack which was a 2%

    Rowan SequeiraRowan Sequeira2 hónapja
  • 4 minute long video? Oh wow

    Dylan HDylan H2 hónapja
  • He can literally just upload a 1 sec video and it would get 2 mil views lmao

    Meaty MercyMeaty Mercy2 hónapja
  • The one time Marley doesn’t want a black ice he gets it mad quick

    bnohandleonmebnohandleonme2 hónapja
  • The shortest video of his yet

    Stephcurry30Stephcurry302 hónapja
  • Im lvl 50 something and i got 3 black ice the 552 commando ak12 and carbine 416c Edit: btw before getting the it and jaeger One i got the AK 12 3 Times duplicates

    Just a CatJust a Cat2 hónapja
  • You’d think the video would be longer

    YamiYami2 hónapja
  • L

    Luca GiarettaLuca Giaretta2 hónapja
  • You copied parashockx

    mixrdarkice 122mixrdarkice 1222 hónapja
  • Me: gets legendary “Nooooooooooo” Me: gets epic “Omg WOW”

    RugoRugo2 hónapja
  • no wonder the vid is short

    The Tilting PointThe Tilting Point2 hónapja
  • happy ab the commons for add senese

    Eduard HagiuEduard Hagiu2 hónapja
  • Hmm i thought it was gonna be a 100000hr video

    MRINZOMRINZO2 hónapja
  • You even said it would be a loss if you got the 417 black ice

    Theodore RutherfordTheodore Rutherford2 hónapja
  • Please press F in the chat to pay respect to Marley

    tryhardsuck ZavlahnT\Btryhardsuck ZavlahnT\B2 hónapja
  • I can feel the pain through my screen

    Spicy TomatoSpicy Tomato2 hónapja
  • Me: Opens 84 Alpha packs, gets no black ice.

    PenguinPenguin2 hónapja
  • Who else just skipped to the end

  • HUworld getting real comfortable with those double ads

    G-0-B_ SinoyG-0-B_ Sinoy2 hónapja
  • Why isn't the video two days long unless you got lucky

    Dark-Side-NinjaDark-Side-Ninja2 hónapja
  • When the video is only 4 minutes 🤔

    Quan CenaQuan Cena2 hónapja
  • It’s just not the same without the outro music.

    Simon NSimon N2 hónapja
  • Before my pc broke i played r6 like 10 days or some and on my first card i got black ice, idk the gun namr but it was glaz sniper skin

    ZaZa OyundaZaZa Oyunda2 hónapja
  • ParashockX

    3, Arnav tyagi3, Arnav tyagi2 hónapja