Marley's BEST OF 2020 (so far) - Rainbow Six Siege

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The funniest and best moments of Rainbow Six Siege in 2020, so far...
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We recently surpassed 2.5m subscribers, and in celebration of this insane milestone I've decided to put together a huge compilation of moments from the channel so far this year!
Thanks so much for all of the support, love you guys
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    • Ooo9oololll9o9 9lllllo9oo9llllllllo

      Sergio Mondragón MirandaSergio Mondragón Miranda10 napja
    • L9o9llloo9olllll9o9llllloooo9lloo

      Sergio Mondragón MirandaSergio Mondragón Miranda10 napja
    • 500th reply but this is INSANE MATE

      LTX WishLTX Wish18 napja
    • I’m still confused on how Custard didn’t ace during this video. Even after 8 watchings.

      Opt1calOpt1cal28 napja
    • Nice

      Lil SnipesLil SnipesHónapja
  • Did i just watch a 2 hour video? It felt like it was 5 minutes....

  • who is here after he hit 3 mil

    Owen McmaughOwen Mcmaugh2 órája
  • Mp7 black ice

    YellowYellow6 órája
  • Secretly Marlys editor is the one playing and marly edits.

    Yeahyoulikedmycomment.Yeahyoulikedmycomment.6 órája
  • mp7

    CinthrixCinthrix8 órája
  • 1:28:28 wtf Marley

    c4oz-verxcyc4oz-verxcy9 órája
  • What is his settings

    Dusty HarlanderDusty Harlander9 órája
  • Mp7

    DerpyJamJarDerpyJamJar9 órája
  • 34:25 did any one see captio just standing

    DuckTyler90DuckTyler9010 órája
  • #baldfusterd

  • idot

    Muhamed AryMuhamed Ary13 órája
  • Laughing to hide the pain of not aceing

    FUZZYPUFF 99FUZZYPUFF 9914 órája
  • When Marley got mp7 black ice He was so happy

    Supreme LordSupreme Lord14 órája
  • The editing is the best

    SwiftNinja905SwiftNinja90515 órája
  • 3:41 easily the beat moment

    Anonymous .0Anonymous .018 órája
  • The only people disliking this is the people Marley has killed over the year

    Kevin HurleyKevin Hurley19 órája
  • Let's just take a moment that custard is a middle age man that has played this game since the beginning and I started as alibi came out and I have over 45 aces

    jj reiterjj reiter19 órája
  • Bruh rip custard I feel bad I aced my first round of siege on pc and got 8 kills over all and got mvp. I have been playing siege for a while but on console and I just built a pc and started playing with my friend. Kinda flexing on custard but also wanna give him a phat F

    Melon_monchMelon_monch20 órája
  • #boldcusterd

    sn1per_ vipersn1per_ viper21 órája
  • 6:10 doms aim

    TFK_mosieTFK_mosie21 órája
  • #BaldCustard

    EandF_BSgamingEandF_BSgaming23 órája
  • I love Marley but he plays casual like 80% of the time and these clips are mostly in it

    micah fiddickmicah fiddickNapja
  • Marley “Like the Video if you want to see me and Custard Kiss!” *Unlikes Video*

  • lol got the same name but different spelling 🤣🤣

    Marlee ScottrobertsMarlee ScottrobertsNapja
  • no black ice needed

    Robert NunezRobert NunezNapja
  • Mp7

    XDLuis 2011XDLuis 2011Napja
  • Hey, what's that song at 24:07?

    Ikean CrusaderIkean CrusaderNapja
  • 1:35 He hit that so clean my video quality dropped to 144p

    Tux CatTux CatNapja
  • Mp8

  • marley needs a 3 million black ice now

    Liam BurkeLiam BurkeNapja
  • Black ice

    Spartan RazeSpartan RazeNapja
  • That grenade said "I like yo cut G" 1:19:07

    Colton KoontzColton KoontzNapja
  • 10 million Kappa

    Eren HocaogluEren HocaogluNapja
  • mp7 black ice

    brian umbrian umNapja
  • 9:30 meaty Marley becomes meaty mozzie

    Aidan KimAidan KimNapja
  • Face reveal for reaching three million??

    Evan McKenzieEvan McKenzieNapja
  • buck

    riko reeriko reeNapja
  • 1:13:01 why does dom say if you let me kill you I get money Please

  • G36c

    Dylan BiasDylan BiasNapja
  • Lol

    Owen BeamerOwen BeamerNapja
  • Mp7 black ice

    Noah B.Noah B.Napja
  • i have ash both blavk ice on ps and blitz pistol too but idc im switching to pc masterrace

  • if it makes u feel better i got mp7 black ice the 3rd day i played

    Trout DohrmannTrout DohrmannNapja
  • What is the poop sound affect that you use called because I love it!!!!!!!

  • 29:28 huh?

  • can we just talk about how at 43:05 custard had the easiest ace and just waited for cav to come and steal it?

    Chicken NuggsChicken NuggsNapja
  • When your trying to learn something from pros and you come across this thinking you can learn something and then you realize that all it is is 3 dumbass’s somehow being insane at the game but it’s so dumb to the point where you can’t learn stuff 😂😂😂😂

    Grand theft GamesGrand theft GamesNapja
  • 33:09 is definitely my favorite clip

    Carlo CaballeroCarlo CaballeroNapja
  • These British terms make no sense to my American brain.... Nut?.... Bean??

  • Mp5

  • 8:50 is my favorite clip

    Christopher GonzalezChristopher GonzalezNapja
  • Black ice mp7

    SuperiorKing56 YTSuperiorKing56 YTNapja
  • Nothing better than 2 hour's of custard missing his chances at ace's

    Nick HartzogNick Hartzog2 napja
  • "Take an aléatoire perso" that's the spirit mon gars XD

    Paul PeillotPaul Peillot2 napja
  • Who else watched this amazing video in school ?

    Mauricio ParraMauricio Parra2 napja
  • 417

    brayden Richardsonbrayden Richardson2 napja
  • #Bald custard

    Azuka-07Azuka-072 napja
  • Mp7 black ice, I got that skin a while ago I didn't know there was such a high demand for it

    Nick HartzogNick Hartzog2 napja
  • #bald custard

    L HarrisL Harris2 napja
  • I liked and custard did not have he bad:>

    L HarrisL Harris2 napja
  • MP7 BLACK ICE!!!

    b Collinsb Collins2 napja
  • I like how I can get more aces as a child then he can as a adult

    theAlpha1907theAlpha19072 napja
  • Apart from your amazing vibes also big SO to the editers

    Martijn ClaessensMartijn Claessens2 napja
  • Bruh

    Allen jr ApoloAllen jr Apolo2 napja
  • The bunny part took my breath dude hahahahahahhaha

    LilithLilith2 napja
  • If Marley doesn't have his face mask as one of his merch items, i will be shooketh

    Xecrius _Xecrius _2 napja
  • so we aren’t going to talk about his hacks?XD

    Zac CarlsonZac Carlson2 napja
  • Why when Djemik596 scream it sound like slender man?...

    franky boyfranky boy2 napja
  • What’s the music at 24:11

    Seth MillerSeth Miller2 napja
  • #BaldCustard

    Cloudy DeathrunnerCloudy Deathrunner2 napja
  • MP7

    shimone grahamshimone graham3 napja
  • Marley:We aren't gonna do anything because Lt.Custard is gonna ace! Echo:Not gonna let you get the chance fool!

    AET3108 YTAET3108 YT3 napja
  • Yo does anyone know what the song is at 24:10 ?

    Zed BogZed Bog3 napja
  • custerd please get n ace

    hilda Ellingtonhilda Ellington3 napja
  • Show us ur aimbot videos

    thomas chappellthomas chappell3 napja
  • 2 man argue and a tea kettle is heard in the background

    bRuhbRuh3 napja
  • even ive aced three times and im only level 70.... does that mean im better than custard

    randome guy1234randome guy12343 napja
  • I would've been pissed if I was Custard and some child stole my ace and then said "No Custard"

    ZuccZucc3 napja
  • U not stream anymore? Tried to check it but says Oct 2018 last live?

    Dylan KimDylan Kim3 napja
  • MP7

    Nia MatthewsNia Matthews3 napja
  • Rainbow is one of the most toxic games ever I hope the people who made it go bankrupt.

    BenohBenoh3 napja
    • ... ...I mean, it is a very competitive game.

      Sno wySno wy3 napja
  • 1:41:44 yes none of them shot him ofc dom you brilliant brilliant man

    Sinful DarkSinful Dark3 napja
  • 417

    MonkeMonke3 napja
  • Custard is vegeta to marley's goku

    Lucifer TakharLucifer Takhar3 napja
  • I lost my sh*t at 1:14:36 Custard's panicking voice made it even more funnier lmfao

    MinervskiMinervski3 napja
  • Is marley this good on console too?

    Lucifer TakharLucifer Takhar3 napja
  • Markey sounds like bikinibodhi

    Little FishyLittle Fishy4 napja
  • 45:10 the class when a kid talks back to the teacher

    Elliott PottsElliott Potts4 napja
    • haha funny joke wow wow wow

      QueefMa CheeksQueefMa Cheeks3 napja
  • MP7 black ice is the only black Ice I uave

    James RingleJames Ringle4 napja
  • 417 black ice duplicate

    JayBirdJayBird4 napja
  • Ak

    SHW BeasteeSHW Beastee4 napja
  • i am from the future, you have 3.02 million subs now

    randome guy1234randome guy12344 napja
  • Mp7

    Triforce MasterTriforce Master4 napja
  • at 39:29 i was dying from the monkey laugh

    SKIPSKIP4 napja
  • Like here if you also watched the whole video

    BEAST 604BEAST 6044 napja
  • MP7

    small iaxfsmall iaxf4 napja
  • I love when there's a vote kick but you clutch it, that's why I miss the vote kick function, either you get kicked and they loose or your fail, either way they loose or you can either clutch it and slap them in the face

    Raven BloodroseRaven Bloodrose4 napja
  • face reveal at 5 mill subs? 🥺🥺

    AxcsAxcs5 napja
  • Mp7

    Just TrixxJust Trixx5 napja