Rainbow Six Siege but I can't explain my kills

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The new Operation Shadow Legacy in Rainbow Six Siege has been a very fun update. This video is the usual funny moments montage and waffle. Not a Best of Marley, or an alpha pack opening video. Zero has been a great addition with the new season, and using the new scopes is good fun, but I can't wait to get crazy kills with the Tachanka rework and elite skin when that arrives!

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    • If you guys can give me honest criticism on my recent video it would help alot I'm very passionate about HUworld and making videos

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  • At what point do we all just come to conclusion he’s 100% hacking ? Like, not even hiding it anymore... Come on man

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  • Remember that one scene where he shot him in the head

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  • That baby cry FUCKED me up

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  • 12.38.men from russia.he say what insaider

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  • That baby crying sounded like it was in my house and sweet mother of Betty Crocker it scared the f*** out of me 4:07

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  • When the elite makes it twice as easy to see👌🏼

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  • Marley: Kills 3 people in less than a second Also Marley: *Clearing Throat Intensifies*

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  • I died when they said step bro 😂😂😂

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  • These edits for the kills>>

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  • liked to give him the ace

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  • every time marley shows that face in his vids somtimes i wonder if thats his real face???? like this so marley can see

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  • 141k now give Dom the ace

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  • 16:15 I never knew u brothers

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  • Did no one saw the jojo reference with dio and ZA WARUDO?

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  • how to injet hack just like marley

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  • Vibe with another waffler 😂😂

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  • 2:22 *PTSDIO*

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  • god of rainbow six

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  • I know why marley doesn't sweat. Its cause if he does he will ascend above our puny plain of existence and we won't be even close to conprehending his full strength

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  • Dude your stuff is sponsored yet I got three other ads. What the fuck.

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  • Jokes on u i aced 6 times in a row on. Casuwal when i whas starting

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  • 11:35 master oogway there are no accidents (look at the guy he killed name)

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  • That crying baby sound effect at 4:00 scared the living shit outta me

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  • theres a video in your ads

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  • well it is officially doms ace now

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  • Give Dom the ACE bruv !

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  • Watching you makes me want to play rainbow

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  • What do you think of the new alibi bundle duty scarf head gear kinda looks like your mask

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  • After seeing marley play this game. I really want to play with him, but didn'nt have a pc

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  • Frag pro shooter is so addicting

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  • I might be stupid but does anyone know how to get the weapon skin Marley has on at 14:43? If from Alpha pack, what rarity?

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    • Ah dang its a good skin

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    • That's the skin from Vigil's Pro League bundle. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore.

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  • Dom got a ace that day

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  • the editing this video is SUPERB

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  • Dom I HaTe MiRa Dom plays mira hmmmmm

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  • It's Dom's ace now.

  • I was whaching this and my brother was playing roblox as soon as you one taped him frow the wall it went off

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  • Hod did I go from a Daft Punk music video to a *SPICY* Marley13 video?

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  • 😬

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  • Let’s go dom got the ace

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  • 17:22 this is the proper way of leaving in r6s

  • Honestly if you didn’t know he was a youtuber you would think he was cheating

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  • 3 mil face reavel

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  • Bruh your a god 💯💪 I love your vids btw keep up the good work 💪

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  • 11:36 the missed opportunity for the “My time has come” meme for ending Master Oogway’s career

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  • Jackal and mira work for the same government and they died in the same position lol

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  • Imagine going in to quick matches instead of ranked🤣

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  • Marley should anchor as recruit for his 4mil special

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  • I guess dom gets that ace

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  • Make a vid without bruhing

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  • sorry i really thought he was going to say raid shadow legends

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  • Frag is the new Raid

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  • This editing is so fucking good. Paired with your insane gameplay. These videos always my fav

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  • dude how can u have 3mil ur not even uploading :(

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  • Still aren’t reinforcing 🤔

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  • Frag is the best mobile game of 2020 wait I thought raid shadow legends was.hmmmmm

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  • love the vids keep up the grind gamer

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  • “Bruv”

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  • Imagine being someone who dislikes marleys vids

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  • 3 millllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lets gooooo

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  • this is lol

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  • When Marley goes against someone with actual wall hacks I wonder who kills who

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  • u need to make a discord server if u want help add STK16#6634

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  • Congrats on your Ace Dom

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  • so dom actually aced?

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  • Can't believe they inserted a jojo reference in frag's ads

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  • Dom gets the ace

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  • #3MIL

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  • What gun skin is he using @ 8:39

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  • Congrats on the 3 mil man any tips on how to get insane aim on pc legit been using it less the 24 hours

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  • You should play with frizz marley

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  • Marley's video: marley popping off and dom whiffing dom's video: marley whiffing and dom whiffing also

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  • 2:22 everything is a JoJo reference

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  • What’s that scream from lol I wana know: 9:48

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  • ashley alban

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  • My names literally caillou

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  • I'm so happy because I just went 7-0 as Jäger, Bandit, and Thermite. That's the best I've ever done.

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  • Monty farting is the funniest shit over ever seen

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  • 3 million special should be Marley playing without waffling "I know, IMPOSSIBLE".

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  • It's funny at 3:25 you can see the guy in the hallway about to blast you.

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