Reaching new levels of waffle in Rainbow Six Siege

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Enjoy 20 minutes of the boys waffling in Rainbow Six Siege.
From bugs, wallbangs, aces (and lack of), to massive whiffs and dirty wheezes... Us wafflers have you covered for everything
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    MarleyMarley3 hónapja
    • That's mtly dog

      brysan Swankbrysan Swank4 órája
    • Jk that's a waffle no

      brysan Swankbrysan Swank4 órája
    • Marley have my puppy

      brysan Swankbrysan Swank4 órája
    • OH MY GOD

      AFRO 243AFRO 24318 napja
    • Congrats On 3M Marley

      Miller PhilpMiller Philp19 napja
  • Yeet

    Jeremy HolcroftJeremy HolcroftÓrája
  • Everyone gonna ignore the demonic noise at 16:59?

    NASAneeds MENASAneeds ME6 órája
  • It has come to my attention that Custard is now better than dom

    Aiden TrenthamAiden TrenthamNapja
  • 8:52 it sounded like he was trying to recreate land down under

  • Siege seriously needs to fix that certain "recoil"

    jocin drastjocin drastNapja
  • 9:27 i think that deserves a like

    The CobraPlaysThe CobraPlaysNapja
  • That’s a lot of money for editing lmao

    1000 Subscribers Before Next Year1000 Subscribers Before Next Year4 napja
  • LOL Marley and twitch... YEA RIGHT!

    Enderchaos202 ICEnderchaos202 IC4 napja
  • Is it bad that I know who Riley Reid is

    SamDaMan777SamDaMan7776 napja
  • Marley your editor is AMAZING when dokk was calling your phone and the luigi's mansion call omfg that Is AMAZING

    Conro WattasConro Wattas6 napja
  • What rank is marely?

    Loner_swazyLoner_swazy7 napja
  • My friend at 15:52 that he kills (ISuccOFFdogs) destroyed marley after this round and won what a legend

    Ibeast 340Ibeast 3408 napja
  • How did those two get on that boat on coastline....

    NO DOG TVNO DOG TV8 napja
  • Toxic af and doesn’t play the objective only for kills

    ItsPandaManItsPandaMan8 napja
    • And it's quick match you genius moron

      Edgars NiedraEdgars Niedra8 napja
    • ok itspandaman

      Edgars NiedraEdgars Niedra8 napja
  • Custy wusty trusty crusty bun-busty. Marley 2020

    Saiyan Plays gamesSaiyan Plays games9 napja
  • what was that song on the house map called that he used when he ran out with the T-5 SMG

    Alex EAlex E11 napja
    • Thanks my dude

      Alex EAlex E9 napja
    • here you go man

      Tamim YaqubiTamim Yaqubi10 napja
  • 17:16

    IpipinIpipin11 napja
  • 0:50 are you stuck step-sis

    Just A ViberJust A Viber12 napja
  • 4:40 So you had REALLY never encountered a D-DOS hacker before now? Lucky!

    Matthew GlassfordMatthew Glassford13 napja
  • he finds the best hiding spots like a stinking drone hole!!! 0:45

    Miles MoultonMiles Moulton13 napja

    XxPenguinGamerxXXxPenguinGamerxX14 napja
  • doot doot

    Big PaulBig Paul15 napja
  • 11:39 that scream

    SqSuSqSu15 napja
  • I love you more :P 15:21

    Monty WrightMonty Wright15 napja
  • 7:20 looks like 100% cheats.

    CryptCrypt16 napja
  • I just ate an ice cream cone forgetting I’m lactose intolerant, send help

    Scrub lordScrub lord16 napja
  • Uhh

    DRZ MarzDRZ Marz18 napja
  • 0:24 is that Harry Potter

    Zero TwoZero Two18 napja
  • Hello, god- I mean Marley, love your videos.

    Lighting Hearts Ø2.Lighting Hearts Ø2.20 napja
  • Dude I don’t get R6 match making, I’m a silver3 with a 1.2 KD (how I’m silver idk fandoms suck) but I always get out up against platinums like only holds and plats

    a11. blacka11. black20 napja
  • Watching Marley's vids again just makes me smile. :)

    Manuel GonzalezManuel Gonzalez21 napja
  • 3:58 jojos reference

    xd-_-osoxd-_-oso22 napja
  • Marley almost at 3 million

    Ed GunzEd Gunz23 napja
  • I used ur strat on coastline but as cav it was hilarious

    DKB 2002DKB 200225 napja
  • you won't sub your scared

    Story ConfessionsStory Confessions27 napja
  • I'm a new subscriber and I love ur vids but what us that aimlock! 7:16

    MatriX UberMatriX Uber27 napja
  • Marley: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (the sound k) me: windex bottle

    SoaRXXFe4rr Xbox userSoaRXXFe4rr Xbox user27 napja
  • Lt.custard is czech guy or what tyvole?😂😂

    Mishaa BeatsMishaa Beats28 napja
  • Does anyone else wonder what custards and doms rank?

    Icon FnIcon Fn28 napja
  • 6:28 am i just extremely dirty minded or does that bean look like something else?

    CrXk x TR1PCrXk x TR1P28 napja
  • He cut so we couldn’t see dom get a 4K as Mira doing marlys strat lol

    PinkAFI !PinkAFI !28 napja

    Luca DeakinLuca Deakin29 napja
  • Whok I want to be when I play seige:Marley who I am: custard

    Carlos TrevinoCarlos TrevinoHónapja
  • I have 1 anylasus custard sucks he has 0 aces and I'm lvl 50 and I have 4

    KBG yunginKBG yunginHónapja
  • I like the first clip

    Xueleuapiaopiaobeifongciaociao piendiipientangmauXueleuapiaopiaobeifongciaociao piendiipientangmauHónapja
  • The only thing I’ve learned at school is how to hold in my fart for 7 hours straight

    magicmase 123magicmase 123Hónapja
  • 1:04 Help me stepbrother I'm stuck

    sebi 11sebi 11Hónapja
  • I’m the 100000th like :)

  • It has 911 dislikes

    Jayden BannickJayden BannickHónapja
  • by any chance does anyone know some of the song he used in the video

  • whats the outro music?

  • did anyone else catch him saying "My Aimlock" 7:19

    Derek ChangDerek ChangHónapja
  • 17:20

    Galen GuoGalen GuoHónapja
  • 14:43

  • Happpy early birthday

    Yerik FariasYerik FariasHónapja
  • Waffle

    Ty ChaplinTy ChaplinHónapja
  • “Connection terminated” when he killed vigil sent me at 6:35

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachHónapja
  • It’s the vibe lord

    Just sad old meJust sad old meHónapja
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me what this sound is from i cant place it and its killing me 1:44

    Panzer SparkPanzer SparkHónapja
  • Was that a luigis mansion ringtone? That bring back memories

    3vil Gary3vil GaryHónapja
  • kinda sus, Custard said stepbro you’re stuck 😂😂

  • Ciao

    Giglio VacanzeGiglio VacanzeHónapja
  • 16:02

    Hyper MarkyHyper MarkyHónapja
  • 1:45 giving me good memories of the 3ds

  • Forget tachanka hes my new lord

  • 1:44 what is this sound from I remember it from something but I cannot remember for the life of me I feel like it was from a show my little brother used to watch

    State FarmState FarmHónapja
  • Yay I am in this one

    Jamie HirstJamie HirstHónapja
  • When he gets rang by dokkaibi in like the second minute what is that song from

    Buk LauBuk LauHónapja
  • I love how always Marley put: Rainbow Six Siege in all titles of his videos

  • that at 7:17 is insane ... looks like aimlock but , you are on fucking fire m8 :')

    Robin BjörklundRobin BjörklundHónapja
  • Can anyone explain to me what waffling is?

    im hungryim hungryHónapja
  • Cod zombies noises

    Matt LuceyMatt LuceyHónapja
  • 16:04 had me in tears wheezing

    Nate SheehanNate SheehanHónapja
  • 1:07 im stuck step bro

    Marcus James PerlinMarcus James PerlinHónapja
  • Its like marley’s enemies lose 100 braincells everytime he’s nearby

  • dumbledore got folded

    Anime GuyAnime GuyHónapja
  • I know we shouldn’t question what Marley does but how the fuck did he get in that drone hole

    Giovanni EmanuelGiovanni EmanuelHónapja
  • Dom:bruv Custard:ear rape "mate" Marley:wheeze

  • i think custard has the disease of being a Cumstain V

    Wild Inferno014Wild Inferno014Hónapja
  • 12:35 i thought for a second that my computer broke xD

  • Polnareff when he tries challenging DIO: 4:00

    Bodie EscBodie EscHónapja
  • 6:15

    Galen GuoGalen GuoHónapja
  • Did anyone else think about polnareff vs dio here? 4:00

    Polarity 3Polarity 3Hónapja
  • Don repeating every single thing twice is annoying as hell

  • 1:43 uh~ Luigis Mansion 2 is so good

  • his voice is so fucking annoying

    Jordan HumbertJordan HumbertHónapja
  • 0:06 custard go Brrrrrrr

    UwU boyiiUwU boyiiHónapja
  • Marley :your lips look inviting Me:👁👄👁

    Eduardo JuarezEduardo JuarezHónapja
  • Ur videos are a acid tripp

  • Fuckin love the edits

    Alex SheltonAlex SheltonHónapja
  • 7:17 he's useing an aimbot...don't believe me? Watch very closely...the editor made us zoom in on his weapon hoping we wouldn't notice

    Dank arc3122Dank arc3122Hónapja
  • 3:01 sounds like the beginning to hit me baby

  • I want that outro music :(

    - HMS -- HMS -Hónapja
  • I wonder when the day will come that Marley sweats in a game

    I Monsiey II Monsiey IHónapja
  • Idk why I watch these video anymore I swear I try so effing hard I study every thing you do, I’ve looked up how to get better but I can’t, no matter how much time I put into it or how hard I try I’ll never be good

  • Marley, what is your oldest rainbow game that you have clipped. Like maybe level 50 or something. We would love to see that.

    Mommy 8889Mommy 8889Hónapja
  • #fazeMarley

    No BaitNo BaitHónapja
  • How are you not in faze clan

    Gage and BAM BAM 3521Gage and BAM BAM 3521Hónapja
  • Bru how are ur cross hair so small wtf mine are across the whole screen

    DO U KnowWhoIAmDO U KnowWhoIAmHónapja