The Copper Experience

2018.máj. 8.
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Welcome to The Copper Experience. My funniest moments playing with Todd, who is completely new to Rainbow Six Siege.
The toxicity was set to maximum, to truly intensify his first time playing experience.
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I would never actually ruin someones first time on Siege. I love this game and am all for the growth of the community. Todd is a good friend, and this was playful toxicity between us. He will continue to play the game!

  • Does it get anymore toxic than this? In all seriousness, thank you guys for the mind-blowing support lately. If you enjoy this video, drop a like! Let's aim for 10k :) We just revamped our Discord server a little, come and hang out with us! I'm usually chilling in the general chat :) - *DISCLAIMER* I would never actually ruin someones first time on Siege. I love this game and am all for the growth of the community. Todd is a good friend, and this was playful toxicity between us. He will continue to play the game!

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    • 420th like: infinite power

      Galaxy Area F2Galaxy Area F24 hónapja
    • Nessly0

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    • @Dayrahl That is his way of messing around with his friend. You have your own way.

      Vasco BascoVasco BascoÉvvel
    • @Dayrahl No it is not. You sure mess with some of your friends and all have different ways.

      Vasco BascoVasco BascoÉvvel
    • Here's my story. I won 6 placement matches and got gold 1. 3 days later is bronze 1 due to teammates like this and something called team killing making me get banned for my entire R6 career. Making me want to kill myself.

      Sawyer AlonsoSawyer Alonso2 évvel
  • G36 is actually good on iana.

    PrismatiXPrismatiX2 hónapja
  • Years have past and wow. Marley is still wholesome

    FolkbitsFolkbits4 hónapja
  • plzz tell mmeeeeee

    Recker GamerRecker Gamer4 hónapja
  • i want your ending video tune !

    Recker GamerRecker Gamer4 hónapja
  • He predicted the battle pass at 1.56

    Tushar SharmaTushar Sharma6 hónapja
  • Is it just me or does he sound like Custard?

    JayRay24JayRay247 hónapja
  • Pickles is the guy to believe that if u use a stim in the head it gives more health

    iTxB AgraiTxB Agra7 hónapja
  • Play More foten with Pickels

    CrynixCrynix7 hónapja
  • Was that lt custurd

    Suliam MohmadSuliam Mohmad7 hónapja
  • Mozzie be sad bc im like 24 years younger than him and hes literally 0'4 taller than me

    2Hard2See2Hard2See8 hónapja
  • A battle pass ow no alpha pack

    shaun 27shaun 279 hónapja
  • Why dont you play with pickles anymore

    Jesus IbarraJesus Ibarra10 hónapja
  • Marley that was an ace Not a 4K

    Tatanka Itancan L.E.Tatanka Itancan L.E.10 hónapja
  • Cc’d

    Keenan LoweKeenan Lowe10 hónapja
  • I go too late but i think elite cammo for ash is not for first game noobs

    Alejandro Vila SimoesAlejandro Vila Simoes11 hónapja
  • Dom about to give this man a seizure

    drippy smxthdrippy smxthÉvvel
  • TheG36 is far seperior everybody hated that

  • At 4:45 that's an ace not a 4k right?

    Carson HendersonCarson HendersonÉvvel
  • What if I don't want to play raid?

    Negativitron PrimeNegativitron PrimeÉvvel
  • Where are the fricks??

  • Just got out of silver I'm gold 3

    Vikram GokhaleVikram GokhaleÉvvel
  • 0:33 are we just gonna ignore that beat??

    Inverted ScrxbzInverted ScrxbzÉvvel
  • Poor Todd.

  • The lesson we learned? Never fuck with a tachanka with a sasg-9

  • That poor Pickles is so bullied

  • Is that lt custard?

    Noel RodriguezNoel RodriguezÉvvel
  • The phone was ringing mid vudeo as a doki was ringing. Lmfao wow

  • This isn't battlefield is it? im headbut my desk, im dying

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  • We made it well.

  • What’s the outro music called?

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  • C

  • Honestly the best marley video there is.

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  • Bruh ur a bully

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  • Marley accept my friend request

    FishStick FishStickFishStick FishStickÉvvel
  • Um there where in a party

    Sub ZeroSub ZeroÉvvel
  • im going to take my one taps and take it to the junk yard and burn it intill i cant see it

    kaarthihan Uthayakumarkaarthihan UthayakumarÉvvel
  • What‘s that „rererere“ sound? Like.. what‘s called?

  • I’ll be honest, shotguns just aren’t a thing to us in the game on console, if u see someone using a shotgun it’s useless and hard to use and now we’re watching pc players have tighter spread than what we have on any gun

    Jacob GiaconaJacob GiaconaÉvvel
  • This is how you lose R6 players you freacking assholes.

    Jusufovic EminaJusufovic EminaÉvvel
  • I am the highest rank Of copper

    Kylie SmithKylie SmithÉvvel
  • Did you know that dom means stupid in dutch

    Thibo StevensThibo StevensÉvvel
  • #marley

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  • #marlay

    Fishy Army with the boyFishy Army with the boyÉvvel
  • 3:42 and it was at this moment that Doc knew, he fricked up

    Born2flank _Born2flank _Évvel
  • The first guy was awesome

    Amare SkateboardingAmare SkateboardingÉvvel
  • I know he knows that’s everyone knows this is fake but if you don’t go to 2:50 he has the elite ash skin on his gun

  • 2:12 Tod : Headshot the black beard* Shield : Am i a joke to you?

    Fathan Al GhifariFathan Al GhifariÉvvel
  • This is why I dont do ranked 😂

    Tuffy LongdenTuffy LongdenÉvvel
  • Jaja's strange odyssey, the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure knock off starring Giarno Giavanna and his stand 「Copper Experience」

    Kaen BedehemKaen BedehemÉvvel
  • Can we get a f in the chat for pickles 😂👌

  • Edgy

    31 nathanael neo wicaksana31 nathanael neo wicaksanaÉvvel
  • 4:26 ace

    Talos TegeTalos TegeÉvvel
  • 2:53 how doea he have the ash elite gun skins if hes new

    Tiago VieiraTiago VieiraÉvvel
  • Everybody subscribe to bikini bodhi

    Vuk JaukovicVuk JaukovicÉvvel
  • Aren't you in copper every video cause you play like it...JK

  • Your an ass hole brit

    Joseph LivingstonJoseph LivingstonÉvvel
  • I feel bad for pickles

    Large ChipLarge ChipÉvvel
  • I’m from Canada 🇨🇦

    Joyce TaylorJoyce TaylorÉvvel
  • Marley at 4:45 that was actually a ace

  • 4:43 where is the button

    Billy TBilly TÉvvel
  • It was an Ace with ying

    Carlo SilCarlo SilÉvvel
  • I love how he says the copper exp when he is in casual

    Gavin MongerGavin MongerÉvvel
  • Hey copper is this a bunch of nubs vs Smurfs

  • This video has 666k views i think marley is Satan

    I couldn’t think Of a name helpI couldn’t think Of a name helpÉvvel
  • why does this video has got 666k views?

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  • Is IT true that caveira is gering nerfed

    Mr AziaatMr AziaatÉvvel
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Big WhoopsBig WhoopsÉvvel
  • All of my team puts thermites on barricades even though there are reinforced walls right next to it

  • You are supposed to make him toxic not be toxic to him that’s how you really enjoy Siege


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  • This is not battlefield is it? Hahah I love cause I came from battlefield to rainbow as well haha

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  • Better than Bikini

  • People who're acting incredibly unbelievebely stupid, and are convinced that they they are superior to everyone and get the illusion that taking advice is a sign of weakness.

    Senor Lazy BamberinoSenor Lazy Bamberino2 évvel

    AinsleyAinsley2 évvel
  • Battlefield players playing siege be like

    Phantom TofuPhantom Tofu2 évvel
  • My friend is so toxic

    tunn madeetunn madee2 évvel
  • I saw a guy use a thermite charge on a fucking window reinforcment

    MattIsBoredMattIsBored2 évvel
  • once, I saw a thermite opening a barricade with a thermite charge so the soft wall is acceptable

    Carlos VieraCarlos Viera2 évvel
  • The Deaf Experience

    Adam HinchAdam Hinch2 évvel
  • Yo I’ve never been in rank copper because I got to silver 1 when I was ranked

    robinio888robinio8882 évvel
  • dom sounds like callums corner

    Nathan PolkinghorneNathan Polkinghorne2 évvel
  • Now he’s getting good at the game with ace and apparently carrying u Ok I need to watch this

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  • On plane you got an ace

    Evan VernonEvan Vernon2 évvel
  • 4:02 that scared my cat lol

    That Turtle ThoThat Turtle Tho2 évvel

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  • I rock Ash G36C with holographic compensator don’t @ me

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  • Trust me, if he keep playing , ubi will close the game real soon...

  • marley i love your firned that is new and hes so funny pls i want more content whit his dude

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  • Trash kid

    17th imperial legion XVII17th imperial legion XVII2 évvel
  • Ever one is trash in this game I’m mvp almost ever time

    CB SharperonionCB Sharperonion2 évvel
  • Someone please carry me. I am a copper because of shitty teammates. My ps4 username is yu_like_noodles.

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  • My new favourite youtuber

    AdamAdam2 évvel
  • Les anglais font bien le taff du r6

    salvatore Fioresalvatore Fiore2 évvel
  • In dutch, dom is a word: it means stupid, no joke

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  • Полиция блять

    JekaterinaJekaterina2 évvel
  • Why do u have to be a lil bitch

    Remember son, dying is gayRemember son, dying is gay2 évvel
  • Casually clips

    MilkMilk2 évvel
  • U were kind of an ass to that poor guy

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  • "What's happening I got blue on my screen" xDD

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