This video will get me banned in Rainbow Six Siege

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I get reported for cheating in Rainbow Six Siege a lot. But I promise, all of the clutches, one taps, aces, and wallbangs are a result of vibing and having fun in Operation Void Edge. No hacks involved. Don't ban me... unless
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    MarleyMarley3 hónapja
    • OH MY GOD

      AFRO 243AFRO 24318 napja
    • Im a pancake.

      0paiisius -0paiisius -Hónapja
    • OH MY GOD

      AFRO 243AFRO 243Hónapja
    • OH MY GOD

      AFRO 243AFRO 243Hónapja
    • Bruce yes

      master raidermaster raiderHónapja
  • When you realize Marley hit 3 mil

    Sammy MamudiSammy Mamudi6 órája
  • i wanna see marley in a show match

    Kale SoupKale Soup7 órája
  • u bought the idot black ice

    Fax_Cam30Fax_Cam307 órája
  • great vid btw i bought some of your merch it was the limited edition champion IDOT tee

    DC RupesDC Rupes17 órája
  • The iq on that was through the roof totally no pun intended

    Itsnotbailey -06Itsnotbailey -06Napja
  • custard's accidental "through the roof" pun is excellent

  • 1 week ago i waa watching a vid and you were under 3M o-o anyway congrats!

  • 3:54 “through the roof” get it?.... ok

    Baby YodaBaby YodaNapja
  • Hey I love ur videos plz keep make ing videos there amazing can I get a shout out🥺

    Anastasia HammondAnastasia Hammond3 napja
  • “the IQ on that was through the roof” yeah literally lmfao

    SaneSane3 napja
  • 3:54 anyone know the song

    v0idishv0idish4 napja
  • Me: Jacob the bean inspectors are here Jacob: RUN

    Joseph PurcellJoseph Purcell4 napja
  • 3:54 the iq was... through the roof... and no one said anything

    SamDaMan777SamDaMan7775 napja
  • Anyone notice custard said through the roof on the cool c4 kill and the c4 was actually through the roof

    Aiden the GamerAiden the Gamer6 napja
  • That’s very cool to write what you say, I’m not English but with this I can understand everything thank you

    T'es pas net BaptisteT'es pas net Baptiste7 napja
  • Within 3 months u hit 3 Mil easy

    XXXObli 7XXXObli 78 napja
  • Train to 4 mil

    Rainbow FanRainbow Fan8 napja
  • The best part of your vids are the wheezes... there are sooo bad but funny!!!

    The NobodyThe Nobody9 napja
  • What is the outro song

    Sub2 PewdiepieSub2 Pewdiepie9 napja
  • that’s a good one

    Josh CurtonJosh Curton9 napja
  • Oh wow just noticed your at 3 mil. Congrats marley

    DokieCokeDokieCoke10 napja
    • Yeah. Three mill special?!?!?! Packs opening?

      87kadn87kadn9 napja
  • Did any body notice that when custard broke the hatch and Marley got the c4 kill custard said that iq was though the roof literally

    nitemere clan 123nitemere clan 12311 napja
  • "The IQ on that was through the roof" as he throws c4 through roof

    Dylan hutchinsDylan hutchins11 napja
  • 6:41 was not an ace because dom traded

    Kelly HemphillKelly Hemphill14 napja
  • Who’s back at 3 mill

    SnoodSnood14 napja
  • U asked for 3 mill u shall receive

    Welding 101Welding 10114 napja
  • Outro song?

    Halcyon DaysHalcyon Days15 napja
  • 3mil vid?

    Twitch KreertkTwitch Kreertk15 napja
  • Who else just checked his R6 Tracker and realized he has 2,000 kills with DOC

    Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln15 napja
  • 0:57 Laugh button

    MR. MOONMR. MOON15 napja
  • I seriously looked forward to beans being popped. Your great Marley keep up the amazing content an congrats on 3 million subscribers man.

    123 D1ksout4harambe123 D1ksout4harambe15 napja
  • So like...when we gonna get a face revealll

    wolfey kunkelwolfey kunkel16 napja
  • Congrats on 3M

    YungNuffYungNuff16 napja
  • And is happened 3mil

    The ultimate GamerThe ultimate Gamer17 napja
  • congrats on 3 mil marley

    christian steinerchristian steiner17 napja
  • I'm pretty sure that tachanka was Iranian

    gotohell 235gotohell 23517 napja
  • 3 mill

    Thick ChungyThick Chungy17 napja
  • Let's go for 4 million let's goooooo

    Jack boy bossJack boy boss18 napja
  • bruv you should play in pro tournaments m8

    Becky De AndaBecky De Anda19 napja
  • *Throws a c4 up through the roof* Custard: "Mate the IQ of that was through the roof!" Literally

    LkyselerLkyseler20 napja
  • I made 6 accounts for that one tap

    God RustGod Rust21 napja
  • 0:50

    StoptryingduhStoptryingduh21 napja
  • I’ve been rewatching your vids for like the 30th time. I love your content man, it’s gotten me through a lot with being stationed overseas for 2 years. 2.99 MILLION

    Salty Thicc Dude GamingSalty Thicc Dude Gaming21 napja
  • finally you uplode i wait it too long

    Cold GameplaceCold Gameplace21 napja
  • Marley almost at 3 mil!

    Jake EberhartJake Eberhart22 napja
  • Hi

  • Get him to 3 mill

    L I M EL I M E23 napja
  • 3 mil is near

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  • im the 3 million sub

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  • Sub nowwwwwwwwww reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • 2,98 omg

    FBI 1FBI 126 napja
  • Happy early 3 mil

    Evan JensenEvan Jensen27 napja
  • Get him to two mill

    Andrew MunozAndrew Munoz28 napja
  • Yo can you do a face reveal at 3 mill

    Alan KattanAlan Kattan29 napja
  • Just 20.000 more Marley almost there

    DaRealTRG gamingDaRealTRG gaming29 napja
  • they said waffle so much im craving waffles now

    AK 47AK 47Hónapja
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    qt bxtchqt bxtchHónapja
  • 3:54 no pun intended

  • Just how you not die by that claymore when you seen it????????

    Dominick MillenDominick MillenHónapja
  • Soy de México

    José JiménezJosé JiménezHónapja
  • Your toooooooo gooodddddddd

    Jack BaileyJack BaileyHónapja
  • your about to get 3 mil i hope you can keep making vids and get further in the future i hope you get 3 mil and i will support you good luck

    Jaime FloresJaime FloresHónapja
  • hi marly this is a security gaurd of the best player on PS4.he said if you hit one mill he will 1v1 you good luck on your adventure

    Jake WestmorelandJake WestmorelandHónapja
  • How does he throw that c4 so far

    tim bogaardtim bogaardHónapja
  • My question is which black ice ubisoft WILL HAVE TO give you after reaching 3M subscribers, what would be your preferences

  • When marley at 2.97 mil😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • When custard said the IQ was through the roof 😂

  • “IQ on that was through the roof.” After he chucks a C4 through the roof....

    Willie BriscoeWillie BriscoeHónapja
  • Hi

    Ducky major YtDucky major YtHónapja
  • Dom never aces

    Lukas William ChesneyLukas William ChesneyHónapja
  • Juàn.

    No so on godNo so on godHónapja
  • I considered it mate. I love your videos. Keep up the good work ! :D

  • w t gift with like

    sky galaxy tvsky galaxy tvHónapja

    skylite ytskylite ytHónapja
  • “The IQ on the was through the roof” quite literally

  • ‘ the IQ on that was through the roof’ NOBODY GONNA TALL ABOUT IT????!?? lmao

    Tyler AbbottTyler AbbottHónapja
  • I love your videos 😊

    Kaden JohnstonKaden JohnstonHónapja
  • Meaty marley has already touch the floor 3:46

    Super NoobSuper NoobHónapja
  • “you know how I feel about pulling out it’s for quitters” STATMENT OF THE FREAKING YEAR CUSTARD

    BobbyHaw kBobbyHaw kHónapja
  • 6:38 he said ace but dom got 2 kills

    Furious Banana ManFurious Banana ManHónapja
  • i have blqck ice for the AR33

    classic darkdragoclassic darkdragoHónapja
  • Believe me Marley I only needed one video to know you are worth subscribing.

    Vine still Flow through me.Vine still Flow through me.Hónapja
  • The IQ on that was through the roof!

    Titus TitanTitus TitanHónapja
  • Hey Marley thank you for inspiring me to be a youtuber

  • I've been subscribed since like 750K

  • 3:33 "the IQ on that was through the roof" aye thats pretty good.

  • Through the roof no pun intended. You’re a god!

    Luke RogersLuke RogersHónapja
  • As an Orax main, I would like to say that we DO dropshot

    Plain YetiPlain YetiHónapja
  • That pun that custard made was actually funny ngl

    Jeremiah NuttJeremiah NuttHónapja
  • 3:40 custard with the dad joke

    Matthew StackMatthew StackHónapja
  • 3:08 Marley: Snow White Audio: BOOM

    Myles KettleMyles KettleHónapja
  • “The IQ on that was thru the roof” *Just Like That C4*

  • Do you actually have aimbot

  • "The IQ on that was through the roof" literally

  • Im surpised custard never got a ace. I feel like most of us have got aces instead of custard

    Meedy MediaMeedy MediaHónapja
  • Chin

    Deadeye 2007Deadeye 2007Hónapja
  • Marley has bad lick to enemies and skill Smii7y has luck and predictions I wonder who will win 🤔

    James DayesJames DayesHónapja
  • The fact that custard said through the roof

    Brian GerkeBrian GerkeHónapja