When you vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege

2020.okt. 3.
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Do you ever vibe too much in Rainbow Six Siege? Sometimes the waffle, wallbangs, aces, clutches, one taps, and other insane kills can result in you being removed for vibing. Operation Shadow Legacy is going to bring lots more of that waffle...
Thank you guys so much for 3 MILLION subscribers! That is insane.
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We may have recently hit 3 million subscribers on the Marley youtube channel, but this isn't actually a best of 3 million or best of 2020 highlight video! This is 40 minutes of unused and unseen rainbow six siege funny moments from the past few operations / seasons. Also, don't worry! The Alpha pack opening that you've all been waiting for is closer than you think, do I finally get black ice? We will see! There are also some challenge videos on the way.

  • Thanks so much for 3 million subs boys! That is crazy. This video is 40 minutes of unused clips from the past few seasons, did you guys want a best of 3 million too? Big things coming gamers! Merch and the alpha pack opening are coming real soon :)

    MarleyMarley17 napja
    • Pls can we have a 3 mil special I beg

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    • Congrats

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    • Congrats bruv

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    • I want a best of 3 mil and Congrats

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    • byeah

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  • bruh 10 mins in and 5 ads lmao

    Noname NonameNoname Noname2 órája
  • It's super weird that I haven't ever found anyone ever in the history of my nearly 3000 hours of gameplay that acts as ridiculously oblivious as literally apparently every single player that ever faces marley every single day. How very strange.....

    Iam ImpossibruIam Impossibru4 órája
  • RIP acog

    Adriel LausbergAdriel Lausberg4 órája
  • faze marley 🚫🧢?

    Juanito GomezJuanito Gomez4 órája
  • 35:00 the perfect vibing for double frosty-FROST TRAP teabags 😎😎

    Th3F1laB0y2Th3F1laB0y25 órája
  • I have mp7 black ice Marley and can you do a video where you show all of your black ice

    Bryson PresleyBryson Presley7 órája
  • 36:16 “your welcooommmmeeee”

    Zuriel AdameZuriel Adame11 órája
  • Dom : morden problems need morden solutions

    Jason BrownJason Brown13 órája
  • Pura cuea puro perkin vo

    the melladothe mellado17 órája
  • Jsjsj puro gringo aca

    the melladothe mellado17 órája
  • 3:25

    ServeMeMilkServeMeMilk20 órája
  • Wait was that old organ

    Trystan DeislerTrystan Deisler20 órája
  • Quick quick quick quick quick quick quick LMAO 🤣

    RNVD9RNVD921 órája
  • 20:55 you know that meme of Fuze elbow dropping the hostage? Just watch and think of that meme.

    TheSlyFox GamingTheSlyFox Gaming22 órája
  • Marley you absolute UNIT stop hacking lmao

    Jonathans HamonJonathans HamonNapja
  • 40 minutes of Marley. What else?😍

    Monique MMonique MNapja
  • 3:27 someone finally laugh like me

    Roland SzabóRoland SzabóNapja
  • are you supposed to uselazers

    Jacob KippyJacob KippyNapja
  • 3:02 “One word” yeah sorry that’s two mate

  • 2:30 mario kart music

    Vitut BankkaVitut BankkaNapja
  • I am dom lol I'm horrible and I'm lvl 190

    Mark SpencerMark Spencer2 napja
  • At 31:29 u can see that some people got banned

    Mpc ViperMpc Viper2 napja
  • watch and subscribehuworld.info/flow/vide/sKqXzn24msvYlWs

    Wellcome comeWellcome come2 napja
  • I wish i have teammates like this. Since i moved from ps4 to pc,i didnt have friend to play r6 anymore . Everyday with random people

    Hady JHHady JH2 napja
  • there is a stim in the air 9:10

    slumpgod hailslumpgod hail2 napja
  • When you put way too many bullets into someone you should call it swiss cheese

    fish boifish boi2 napja
  • Have you ever watched at 0.25x ?

    KoftereinKofterein2 napja
    • he's drunk

      KoftereinKofterein2 napja
  • Sometimes I feel like he uses aimbot😂

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  • Does Marley stream if he does what’s it called??

    Nasir MoeNasir Moe2 napja
  • 5 million face reveal

    cmkeenan 1904cmkeenan 19042 napja
  • I genuinely think he has wall hacks

    FatillzFatillz2 napja
  • 31:28 people get banned

    The ultimate Pro GamerThe ultimate Pro Gamer2 napja
  • Don’t say bruv

    samlovesbbc2samlovesbbc22 napja
  • I want a 3 hour special because 3mil ayeeee!!

    Lighting Hearts Ø2.Lighting Hearts Ø2.2 napja
  • anyone know the name of the song at 5:41

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  • Of course the ad on this video is an heb ad with marleys outro music 😂

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  • can you also do a music playlist reveal plz really like the song in the vids

    Death127Death1273 napja
  • Twitch drone ace

    Cole BoydCole Boyd3 napja
  • 5:02 He looked for a frost trap and not a kapkan when frost wasn’t on the enemy team and kapkan was. (No hate, I love Marley, it was just funny)

    Gyro ZeppeliGyro Zeppeli3 napja
  • count dankula

    Benjamin NikanderBenjamin Nikander3 napja
  • Was that a original lodge clip

    james da kingjames da king3 napja
  • Marley has best clickbaits

    Kadir Efe TürkoğluKadir Efe Türkoğlu3 napja
  • Everyone in the lobby: tries playing the game as an actual tactical shooter Marley: haha hard reads go brrrrrrrr

    DankMemer45DankMemer453 napja
  • Marley you are insanely lazy mate, compared to some of your friends. In your comment you ask if they want to see a best of 3 million, sure do that up, it'll take a few hours, don't need to record any new clips just put clips together and of course you mention merch, all the things that'll make you more money. Come on man, as if you care about your fanbase.

    NylNyl3 napja
  • Custard is dead so much his call outs are just prestine now

    Mason JensenMason Jensen3 napja
  • Honestly Rainbow 6 is one of those games that is fun to play but pretty boring to watch, this video is breaking the laws of the unvierse

    Drew AllenDrew Allen3 napja
  • Watched the whole thing 🤤

    Snapchat: janderperserSnapchat: janderperser3 napja
  • Marley is basically Soviet Wombo on Rainbow Six. Their voices are quite the same as well 😅🤣

    Christian De SantaChristian De Santa3 napja
  • Ok who tf disliked this video

    Schmidt24 JrSchmidt24 Jr4 napja
  • is anyone gonna talk about how the background music is Mario cart music!!!

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  • Uploaf?

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  • Congrats my waffler for hitting 3 mill 🥳

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  • Congratulations on 3 mil mate u diserve it

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  • Forty minutes of Marley is like a dream come true lol 😃

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  • I want a best of 3 million video

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  • Marley can you play world war z more

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  • 2:18 doc acog?

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  • I love your vids so much i changed my name to meaty marley but i play on ps4 and i cant play with you i want to get a pc so i can play with you

    tfue jrtfue jr4 napja
  • 26:35 smoothest transition when he spins around

    Joshua RamirezJoshua Ramirez4 napja
  • sense when does Kali have a pistol

    XLG AngryToadXLG AngryToad4 napja
  • You've hit 3 mill face reveal?

  • Marley already made a only one tap vid. He should make a only last bullet one that would be epic

    jocin drastjocin drast4 napja
  • I said siluton not xacushan

    Riley DunaganRiley Dunagan4 napja
  • I kinda wanna see marley play a different game not gonna lie

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment4 napja
  • Noooooooooooooooob

    GG PouyaGG Pouya4 napja
  • can i play wiv you

    Will MorrisWill Morris4 napja
  • So Marley what black ice you gonna get this time for 3 mill

    WaxJordanWaxJordan4 napja
  • Wait when did kali get that pistol

    Axios VenatorisAxios Venatoris4 napja
  • Marley can you make a video of acing with every operator thanks

    Abdul KadirAbdul Kadir4 napja
  • Congratulations on 3 MILLION subs man I’m soo happy for u I have watched ur channel for about a year now and have been loving it good job man 🥳🥳🥳🥳😏

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  • he turned them on @18:22 lmaoo

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  • yo marley i got u the best vibe music: huworld.info/flow/vide/tGiKqJq7q8fXhZo

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  • Whats up marley. Installing rainbow six on my pc right now i just got my pc.

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  • You should do a video of all your ace's

    twin does everythingtwin does everything4 napja
  • Pretty sure that claymore/drone hole is on the other side of the bookshelf anyway 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Bro i watch him when he hit 1 m now he got 3m

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  • 0:39 keep inventory players when they find diamonds

    papaki2121papaki21214 napja
  • 13:36😂😂

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  • Can you do another alpha pack video

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  • Congrats on 3mil subs

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  • 1:14 what characteristics is that

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  • 4:07 MaRLeys VidEOs ARe ScRIptEd

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  • Are you swedish.

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  • I can’t stop watching 9:40 😂😂

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  • You love to see it.

  • For some reason i was un subscribed

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  • Ur so toxic by killing that guy with valk cam :/

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  • Can we have a face reveal???

    Drew BottorffDrew Bottorff5 napja
  • when does the Marley soundtrack come out?

    Nathan PosseeNathan Possee5 napja
  • Marley if you somehow see this how many hours have you played in total on siege?

    RYZE_BallisticRYZE_Ballistic5 napja
  • I literally just started playing siege again yesterday and I see this vid in my recommended. lol

    RYZE_BallisticRYZE_Ballistic5 napja
  • Marley:about to get an ace Any object or person: *OUR ACE*

    Oyun ÇılgınıOyun Çılgını5 napja
    • You mean custard?

    • You mean Custard?

      Lighting Hearts Ø2.Lighting Hearts Ø2.2 napja
    • @Oyun Çılgını well Marley only got his ace stolen like twice custard had his ace stolen like 40 times

      batz10batz103 napja
    • @batz10 bro custard gets killed from the last person marley gets the last kill stolen

      Oyun ÇılgınıOyun Çılgını4 napja
    • Do you mean custard?

      batz10batz104 napja
  • hey marly how you get so good at 1 taps?

    grimlnd indgrimlnd ind5 napja
  • 22:52 what map is it

    Thomas HuntThomas Hunt5 napja
    • Villa

      twalesijrtwalesijr5 napja
  • shitter

    Plus0 Plus0Plus0 Plus05 napja
  • So i just spent 30 minutes making a meme but not realizing marley doesnt have a official subreddit. Fuck

    1vali12391vali12395 napja
  • Anyone know the video where Custard says if Marley clutches he'll shave his beard?

    RyaииRyaии5 napja
  • Can we play together because you are so good at this game so can we please

    InfinitegalaxybirdInfinitegalaxybird5 napja